Diffraction Services

For all diffraction services only protein crystals are required, the facility provides all the other necessary components and tools to conduct the experiments.

Automated X-Ray Diffraction Screening

  • Optimized for rapid and autonomous screening of small crystals at -180C, typical exposure time of 10sec per frame

  • Utilizes ALS style “pucks” that hold 16 samples each. ACTOR dewar holds 5 pucks, allowing for the unattended screening of 80 crystals at a time

  • ~4hours to screen 5 fully loaded pucks

  • Pucks are compatible with SER-CAT synchrotron beamlines (see below) and many other beamlines around the globe

Manual X-Ray Diffraction

  • Room temperature screening of crystals to establish a diffraction baseline; greatly helps when working out cryopreservation conditions for your crystals.

  • Data collection at room temperature to -180°C

  • Optimized for crystals with large unit cell dimensions, Raxis IV++ detector & HR optics

  • Manual operation for crystal mounting and centering

  • Typical exposure times per frame is 2-4 minutes

General Crystallography Laboratory Use

  • The Crystallography lab is fully equipped to facilitate all manners of crystal examination, manipulation, cryo-preservation and storage.

Note: Users are not charged for use if only examining their crystals with our microscopes or for storage of crystals in our dewars.

Computer Resources

  • The core facility has its own computer server and workstations that provides users with space to work and well as access to all the latest programs to facilitate data processing and structure determination. Please contact the Director about getting an account setup.

Synchrotron Access

  • UNC is part of SER-CAT, which affords UNC 288 hours of synchrotron  beamtime split evenly between 2 beamlines (22-ID and 22-BM). This facility coordinates usage of this beam time. 

    Schedule is available on the SER-CATwebsite.  Contact the Director for more information about access to beamtime.