Advancing Your Research

There are a number of ways that the PEP core can help advance research in your lab, some of which you may not have realized or thought were too expensive. Our most fundamental and basic ability is to produce multi-milligram amounts of highly pure recombinant protein. One can imagine the avenues of research that open up with lots of pure protein, for example:

  • Large scale enzymatic assays for screening compound libraries
  • Monoclonal antibody production
  • Biophysical studies like ITC and CD, the Mac-N-Fac is great for these services
  • Structural studies utilizing Crystallography or NMR, both of these facilities are co-localized with this core

Having the ability to produce large amount of purified, recombinant protein is very powerful and sometimes very cost effective, for example:

Does your lab depend on commercially purchased proteins for experiments? Are experiments limited due to the exorbitant cost of these reagents?

The PEP core facility has the ability to produce many commercially available proteins like:

  • DNA polymerases and other utility enzymes
  • Cell culture additives like growth and proliferative factors
  • If you are buying it there is a chance we can make it for you

The PEP core facility can also help you to generate unique reagents to advance your research program:

  • Cell staining tetramers using your favorite protein
  • Production of antibodies modified with a variety of small molecules like biotin or FITC
  • Production of protein with specific functional tags to enable new experiments and assays
    • Epitope tags like c-myc and HA
    • Fluorescent tags like GFP
    • Affinity tags like 6His and GST
    • Solubility tags like MBP and CBP
  • Stable eukaryotic cell lines producing your protein of interest to facilitate a cellular assay