The nature of PEP projects prohibits us from having pre-defined fees for most of our services, as each project presents its own unique set of challenges and goals. If you are working autonomously in the facility we will track your instrument and consumable usage and bill you accordingly. If you are working with and/or have CSB staff conducting experiments on your behalf you will be charged some combination of applicable fees including a staff members time, standard service rates, and for consumables utilized.

For a cost estimate for your project please contact the facility director. Additionally, non-UNC users should also contact the director about pricing.

Purification Fees

  • FPLC
    $15/hr (UNC) 
    $13/hr (UNC LCCC Member)
  • Tangential Flow Filtration
    $13/hr (UNC)  
    (UNC LCCC Member)

Staff Time (consultation, training, etc.)

  • Patti Longo (MX/PEP Technician)
    $72/hr (UNC)  
    $48/hr (UNC LCCC Member)
  • Michael Miley (Core Director)
    $72/hr (UNC)  
    $57/hr (UNC LCCC Member)


  • Cost + minor handling fee