Interpersonal Skills Checklist

Patient Centered Care is significantly influenced by the ability of the care giver to effectively communicate and relate to the patient. Exchange of complete and accurate information between patients and care givers requires mutual respect, empathy, and rapport. Because this is a critical link the patient encounter, students are assessed on Relationship and Communication when working with Standardized Patients. While the perceptions from any encounter between two individuals can vary, a set of guidelines is used to help the SP formalize the rating of  relationship and communication aspects. The link below provides this list of anchored behaviors that can impact the perception the patient has from their encounter with a care provider. This form is not meant to represent "requirements", however, it does provide some guidelines which, if followed, should result in an encounter of mutual respect and understanding.

Click here to see the extended interpersonal skills checklist.

Click here to see the standard interpersonal skills checklist.