Welcome to the CSPSC!

Welcome to the Clinical Skills and Patient Simulation Center at the UNC School of Medicine, a UNC campus Safe HAVEN office. Opened in the newly renovated Burnett-Womack Building in January 2006, the CSPSC has quickly become the primary facility for teaching and assessing clinical skills to our students.

The 1800 square foot center houses 15 fully functioning patient examination rooms, a monitoring room for viewing student encounters, a 30-person classroom adjoined to a 10-person auxiliary classroom, easily converted into an extension of the main classroom or a 16th patient examination room, and a patient simulation lab with a wide array of simulators.

Students at the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Pharmacy all utilize the patient examination rooms to interview and examine Standardized Patients (SPs). SPs are individuals hired and trained to portray a case scenario for the students to learn and practice communicating with patients. Every encounter is recorded by two cameras and all video and written data is captured by the B-Line Medical Clinical Skills System for assessments. Our institution is a member school of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE).

Medical Simulation is a growing but important method for medical education. Simulation allows individuals to practice invasive procedures without risk to real people. Our Patient Simulation Lab hosts a high fidelity adult, child and baby simulator capable of demonstrating physiological responses to acute interventions by the learners. Used by medical students and residents, the simulation lab also uses lower fidelity models for teaching and practicing airway management, catheterization, ACLS, and more. Our task trainers include: intra-osseous, intra-venous, and lumbar puncture models.  Our institution is a member school of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.