The Standardized Patient Core

The Standardized Patient Core was created in 2009 by the Clinical Skills and Patient Simulation Center in an effort to provide the school of medicine with an elite group of professional SPs.   After a rigorous selection process, 15 individuals were selected for the new program.  In the Patient Core, greater emphasis will be placed on training and quality control to help create a more professional brand of Standardized Patient that can help ensure accurate teaching and appropriate feedback.

The patients will be involved in all Introduction to Clinical Medicine I and II projects, all third year OSCEs, and certain portions of the final Clinical Performance Examination which will allow for more consistent and solid work and give the students more experience with continuity of care.  SPs will also be more involved in the creation of the cases, allowing them to incorporate their own histories and personalities into the case.  As there are no "true" alternates to the SP Core cases, it is the responsability of the Core members to maintain reliability and dedicate themselves to the requirements set out by the program.

We hope that the SP Core will benefit all involved and be a great success - becoming an example in the field of Standardized Patient Education.