Project TICKER finds ways to improve clinical care of pediatric cardiac patients at UNC


Project TICKER (Teamwork to Improve Cardiac Kids' End Results) has been underway at N.C. Children's Hospital for two years - it uses teamwork training and integrated clinical pathways (ICPs) to decrease unnecessary variations in clinical care. Clinical pathways have been shown to decrease length of stay in the hospital and lead to better outcomes, especially for surgical populations such as pediatric congenital heart surgery patients.

The project, funded by a grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) (award number R18 HS019638) recently received a no-cost extension to continue many of its activities. The principal investigator is Tina Schade Willis, MD; Michael R. Mill, MD, and Karla Brown, RN, MSN, PNP, of the UNC Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, are investigators on the project.

Look at Project TICKER's quality and safety toolkit here.

Read Project TICKER's November 2012 newsletter here and read more about the project here.