Conference & Work Spaces

The Center for Women's Health Research offers both work space for individuals and moderate sized groups.

Conference Room

CWHR Conference Room
Panorama of the CWHR Conference Room

Our conference table comfortably fits 12, though additional seating and configurations are available for presentations. The room contains a large white board, and several writing pads for dynamic collaboration. There is also a large screen projector connected to a network computer.

You're also welcome to bring individual laptops to connect to the large screen. Meetings, presentations, focus groups and more have been held in the conference room in the past. If you would like your meeting catered please let us know when scheduling the room.

Our computer is Onyen log-in enabled for those on our network. If you would like to be added please contact at least 48 hours before your meeting. There is also a general log-in for those that would like to use the basic internet and Microsoft Office functions for their meeting.

Work Space

General Research/Student Space

Study Room
CWHR Work Space is provided for teams, students and those that just need a quiet place to work.

The Center possesses several cubicles with network connected computers, or docking stations for laptops. This work space is open to research teams, students, and investigators. A more private room may also be available upon request.

 PI/Research Manager Space

CWHR PI/Research Manager Room panorama

CWHR maintains a closed door, two-person office for principal investigators and their research managers to use as needed. There are two desk spaces, one with an Onyen log-on computer. The other desk is open for lap-top users. Access to network printers is available. The space also holds a comfortable chair for reading, and can be used for smaller two to three person meetings.

To learn more about scheduling space, our office environment, and what services we may be able to offer you please contact Jennifer Rumbach at 919-843-7676