Capitation for Maternal Fetal Medicine Units Network


George Washington University

Principal Investigator

Dr. John Thorp, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Project Run Dates

4/1/2009 to 11/30/2013



The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units Network conducts clinical studies to improve maternal, fetal and neonatal health emphasizing randomized-controlled trials. The aims of the Network are to reduce maternal, fetal and infant morbidity related to preterm birth, fetal growth abnormalities and maternal complications and to provide the rationale for evidence-based, cost-effective, obstetric practice. Well-designed clinical trials and careful observational research are required to assure safe and effective care. Studying comparatively rare but critical conditions such as low birth weight, prematurity and other medical problems in pregnancy is the central challenge of perinatal research. Large populations demanding multiple sites and rigorous methodology are required to make progress; the MFMU Network epitomizes this approach. We are pleased to be a significant contributor to the Network, gathering evidence that forms the nexus for evidence-based obstetrical practice. As a member for the past five years, UNC-MFMU has increased its capacity to conduct perinatal research, and has proven itself an able contributor to the field. Across our three sites, we have comprehensive clinical care facilities, a large, diverse, and stable patient population averaging more than 14,000 births and approximately 156,000 care visits per year, experienced investigators, advanced methodologic expertise, a tradition of collaborative research, signed letters of commitment, and a dedication to effective collaboration in the MFMU Network.