Cesarean Section Optimal Antibiotic Prophylaxis (C/SOAP) Study

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kim Boggess, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Project Run Dates

9/20/2010 to 7/31/2014



The Cesarean Section Optimal Antibiotic Prophylaxis (C/SOAP) study is a large pragmatic multi-center randomized clinical trial designed to evaluate the comparative effectiveness and safety of azithromycin-based extended-spectrum antibiotic prophylaxis (azithromycin plus standard narrow-spectrum cephalosporin) relative to standard single-agent cephalosporin (preferably prior to surgical incision) to prevent post-cesarean infection. Hypothesis: Compared to narrow-spectrum prophylaxis (i.e. cefazolin alone, or clindamycin if cephalosporin allergy) prior to surgical incision, the addition of extended-spectrum prophylaxis (azithromycin + cefazolin) reduces the incidence of post-cesarean infection.


Associated Publications and other materials

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Emerging concepts in antibiotic prophylaxis for cesarean delivery: a systematic review via PubMed
Randomized clinical trial of extended spectrum antibiotic prophylaxis with coverage for Ureaplasma urealyticum to reduce post-cesarean delivery endometritis via PubMed
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Associated Award Numbers: A11-0413-002, A11-0413-003, A11-0413-005, A11-0413-007, A11-0413-008, A11-0413-009

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