Dermatologic Surgery

Weekly outpatient surgery clinics are held at our Southern Village location for removing both benign and malignant skin tumors.  Our dermatologists have extensive experience in skin surgery and aim to provide the best surgical treatment and cosmetic outcome.  Most procedures are relatively quick and require only local anesthesia.  Some common conditions we treat in our outpatient surgical clinics include:

  • Basal Cell Skin Cancer
  • Cysts
  • Dysplastic Nevi
  • Melanoma
  • Other malignant skin lesions
  • Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

Your Physicians/Physician Assistant:
Adewole Adamson, MD
Jonathan Bissette, PA-C

Edith Bowers, MD, PhD
Sarah Corley, MD
Sara Edwards, PA-C

Amy W. Fox, MD
Puneet Jolly, MD, PhD
Julie Mervak, MD

David S. Rubenstein, MD, PhD
Christopher Sayed, MD
Nancy E. Thomas, MD, PhD
Carolyn Ziemer, MD