Research Opportunities

As fellow medical students, we know how hard it can be to find dermatology research opportunities in the sea of possibilities. This is why we will be posting some research opportunity resources here on this page (especially as spring semester gets closer!) so that there is less work for you to do!


Case Studies

Something that we (DIG Co-Presidents Rebecca Purvis and Evelyna Kliassov) are really excited about this year is connecting Dermatologists who have case studies that need to be written up with eager medical students who are interested in writing one up. Whenever we receive notice of a Case Study or Case Report that needs to be written up, we will post information here as well as email out the opportunity to our DIG listserv!

There are a few guidelines about Case Study/Case Report write-ups:

  • Each medical student is only allowed to be assigned to one Case Study/Case Report at any given time
  • When you are assigned to a given Case Study/Case Report, we will provide you with the contact information of the respective dermatologist and it is your responsibility to contact him/her as well as to complete the Case Study/Case Report in a timely manner (as agreed upon by both you and the dermatologist).
  • If you are assigned to a Case Study/Case Report and do not complete it, you cannot sign up for another Case Study/Case Report in the future

Keep checking this webpage, and we will hopefully have some great stuff posted on here soon!