Diversity Council

UNC strives to graduate classes of physicians that represent the diverse cultural make up of North Carolina. The UNC medical student body is rich in diversity, including a multiplicity of differences in: cultural experiences, race/ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status, religion, health care interests, and health care experiences. We come from a wide background and we all have different experiences to share. Diversity Council believes that our differences are something to be celebrated and shared so that by learning from each other we may graduate together as more culturally competent physicians.


To achieve this goal, Diversity Council works together to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for students to share their stories in the form of:

  • Diversity Lunch Discussions
  • Collaborative Student Interest Group Activities
  • Cultural Social Activities


Our mission is to promote diversity awareness and inclusiveness in order to create a deeper level of consciousness and thinking around diversity, privilege, equity, and other factors.

Communication is a key component of medicine, and doctors must be able to effectively exchange information with patients, staff, and other physicians. Truly listening to patients is essential to good medicine. Communication skills are acquired throughout the process of medical training, but it is especially beneficial for medical students to gain cultural knowledge to aid these communication skills. It would be impossible to share the same background as every future patient, but by learning from each other we may grow in cultural understanding and be able to better communicate with and be an advocate for our future patients.


Please feel free to contact the current Diversity co-chairs if you would like any additional information:

Jesse Conyers

Nellie O'Connor