William Blythe Essay Competition

The annual William Blythe essay competition is an opportunity for students to share an aspect of their medical school experience. This may involve an event, an experience, an influential person, or may simply be a reflection on some aspect of life. It is not required that the essay involve a clinical experience, but it should in some way reflect how medical school has influenced one’s viewpoint. The author of the selected essay will receive a monetary prize ($100), and the composition will be published in the UNC student research journal and on the Howard Holderness webpage.

Dr. Blythe was an esteemed faculty member at UNC. He headed the division of Nephrology, and took a particular interest in medical student education. He established a scholarship program for students wishing to perform research, and he also took a leadership role in advancing the use of evidence based medicine in student education. He was also a dynamic individual who had a love of literature and writing. In the spirit of this remarkable physician’s legacy, we invite your submissions.

Please send entries to Dr. John Kizer by February 9.

There is no length requirement, but a two to five page length is recommended.