Implantation Costs

Cochlear implantation and its benefit to profoundly deafened individuals is a well-documented medical procedure. Medicare along with most major, private insurance companies recognize its significance and typically offer 80-100% coverage of the costs of the surgery and the implant system. Medicaid in contrast does not provide monetary coverage for the implant procedure for those patients who are 21 years of age or older. UNC Healthcare does respect and support patients who elect to pay for medical services, such as cochlear implants, through out-of-pocket means.

Each patient is requested to bring copies of their insurance card(s) to the initial cochlear implant evaluation, so that the information can be documented in our medical system. Once candidacy for the process has been determined and a surgery date established, UNC Healthcare will take the responsibility of evaluating your insurance and medical coverage for the cochlear implant procedure. Every patient's medical coverage is unique, which can affect the overall cost of the surgery. Financial counselors are on-hand to discuss your individual insurance plan and your potential out-of-pocket expenses associated with the surgery.