HEAR 'N' NOW 2017 Slides

Gifford UNC 2017 peds candidacy expansion handouts.pdf
Rene Gifford's presentation at Hear 'N' Now Fall Conference 2017
GIFFORD bimodal bilateral UNC OCT 2017 handouts.pdf
From Hear 'N' Now 2017
Dr. Brendan O'Connell's Presentation 2017
Current concepts in minimally traumatic cochlear implantation from Hear 'N' Now 2017.
Hannah Eskridge & Lillian Henderson
The Power of Yet: Strengths-Based Coaching & Co-Treating by Hannah Eskridge & Lillian Henderson from Hear 'N' Now 2017.
Lisa Park & Meredith Anderson Rooth
Combining Residual Hearing with Electric Stimulation from Hear 'N' Now 2017