Achievement of Best Practices FAQ

What counts as an elective? If you have an elective that is not listed on the brochure, just send in a description (program flyer, etc) and when the consortium meets each fall and spring they will look at those for approval purposes.


Will there be a continuing education piece to this? The answer is we think so- but as it is a new program the group will address that as we evolve.


Can Summer Institute count for my coaching? No. This is for coaching you with your caseload with a consistent coach over 10 visits. However, CSI coursework taken in the last 5 years can count.


Can my coach be someone that works at my school? For the initial stages, for the sake of consistency and ironing out the kinks, coaches can only be from the Resource Support Program/ OES or CASTLE. If you already have a coach/mentor that is not with one of these groups, mention that on your application and we will review that on an individual basis.