Registration for the 2015-16 Language & Literacy Workshops For Professionals Serving All Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. ******UPDATE ON OUR WEBINARS SCHEDULED FOR THIS FALL****** We appreciate all of you who are interested in these courses and have registered for them. As many of you are aware, our goal is to record the webinars in order to have them available at any time for your convenience while also giving us the ability to develop more on a variety of topics. Because we want these videos/ webinars to be effective, we have been exploring and working to create the best recordings we can. What we have learned is that we are not the best at videoing them or editing to provide a product that we can be proud to share which has caused the delay in getting them to you. The good news is we have found someone at UNC who is knowledgeable in this area and is going to help us get this first set recorded. We will be working with him in November and December to get them recorded and then he will need a couple of weeks to edit them for the final product. Therefore, we will have to delay making them available until March. We greatly apologize for this. After we get them out, we will begin to develop our next set of webinars so we would love to hear from you what you are interested in learning more about.

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