Costs of Implantation

The surgery, inside the ear device, and outside equipment costs about $70,000.  Most of this cost will be paid by insurance.

All outside parts are covered under manufacturer's warranty for normal wear and tear.  If you lose a piece of equipment, the manufacturer will replace it one time within the warranty period.  If you lose equipment again, it will be your responsibility to replace it.

After the warranty is over, you will pay for replacement parts.  Medicaid and insurance plans sometimes cover these charges, as does the CCCDP grant program.  It is your responsibility to be sure of what will be covered.  You should consider buying an extended warranty (called a service contract) when the warranty expires through the implant manufacturer.  It is important that the device be covered for loss and damage after the warranty has expired. 

You will get two complete sets of equipment, so that your child will always have backup equipment and should never be “off the air.”  Please be sure that both speech processors always contain the most current programs and are working well.  Bring both to all CCCDP appointments.

External Speech Processor: $8,500
Accessories: $5-$1500

Pediatric patients are encouraged to apply to our CCCDP Grant Program.