Evaluation Process

The Process:

1. At least two audiology appointments to:

  • Talk about your child's health and school history
  • Understand your child's hearing status with and without hearing aids
  • Provide information to you about hearing, hearing loss and cochlear implants
  • Talk about your hopes and goals for the child and answer any questions

2. A speech and language evaluation to:

  • Assess your child's communication abilities
  • Provide information on speech and language development
  • Collect information about your child's current educational plan and offer support

3. At least two doctor visits to:

  • Decide if your child is medically a candidate for a cochlear implant
  • Look for the cause of hearing loss (genetic testing, MRI or CT scan)
  • Talk about the surgery and risks involved

Once the evaluation is completed and the decision to move forward with a CI is made, one final appointment before surgery will be scheduled at The Children's Cochlear Implant Center. We will talk about what families can expect with the implant and review the device of choice.

Once you decide to go ahead with surgery, the ear to implant and the device brand and style are chosen.  Surgery will be scheduled and plans for follow up appointments can be made.