Adult Hearing Aids and BAHA

Adult audiology services are provided in close collaboration with the UNC Ear, Nose, and Throat physician group. Comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitation services are provided using state of the art equipment.

Hearing aids today are sophisticated digital transducers designed to process sounds, especially speech sounds, and are programmed based on individual needs so that speech information is maximized. At UNC, hearing aids are not promoted by brand. Professional opinion as to the type, style, and technology that a patient needs as well as experience and feedback from the patient is used to find a hearing aid that will work best for a patient. A focus is placed on patient education and the use of the latest in technology.

Most hearing aids are not covered by medical insurance. There are two programs which may provide help for individuals who cannot afford them. The first is managed by the State of North Carolina and will provide one hearing aid to qualified applicants. The second is through the Hear Now Foundation, which provides two hearing aids to individuals who meet their income requirements. UNC has a 0% interest plan as well.

Audiologists work with Otological surgeons to offer the Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) system to individuals having significant conductive hearing losses.

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