We are pleased and fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the UNC residents in the Emergency Department.  Medical students interested in shadowing a resident in the ED should email TO BE DETERMINED directly and provide a set of dates and shift preferences (morning, afternoon, or night) in which they would be interested in working.  Students may work for two hours on each shift, with no more than one student per day.  After a student contacts Locke, he will send a confirmation email with a specific date and shift, with a CC of that message sent also to the upper-level resident working that shift.  After that initial contact, we ask you (the student) to email the resident a day or two before the shift to remind him or her that you will be coming.  This will help eliminate any potential conflicts and ensure that you do not show up unexpectedly.

A few points about working in the emergency department - we do ask that you dress professionally (like you would for ICM) and to wear your white coat and name badge.  Scrubs are also fine to wear if you have them.  It is important that we look (and act!) professional while working in the department!  The shift time that you request to work is up to you, but know that mornings are generally slower (so you may get more in-depth learning and discussion with the resident) and late afternoons/nights tend to get pretty hectic (so you may see a higher volume of patients and see more things, but have less time for questions or interaction).  Again, it is up to you. 

This is a tremendous chance for students to get into the ED for invaluable early exposure, especially since we do not have a second or third year EM elective at UNC.  Even during third year, exposure to the emergency department is limited and there are few opportunities to work in the emergency room outside of clinical rotations.  It is tough for you to really know if you are interested in a specific area of medicine if you have never been exposed to it, so this is a perfect opportunity for early medical students.  The residents are all fantastic teachers and are willing to participate, so it should be a good experience for everyone.

Thank you for your interest in the UNC EMIG Student-Resident Shadowing Program!