Career Planning Timeline

As Emergency Medicine is an increasingly competitive specialty for prospective physicians and it is not included as a third year core clinical clerkship, previous leadership has compiled a timeline of activities for those interested in EM to consider. We encourage you to review the opportunities listed below and choose some to undertake during your time at UNC. No one has ever done all these things, and it is certainly not expected that you do even most of them. However, they can be enlightening and preparatory for matching in a residency program come fourth year.

First Year

  • Shadow residents in the ED through EMIG
  • Participate in EMIG activities and workshops offered throughout the year
  • Pursue an EM-related activity between first and second year (clinical or bench research, volunteering in a health clinic in US or abroad, etc.)
  • Consider running for an EMIG leadership position at end of first year

Second Year

  • Find a mentor in Emergency Medicine
  • Participate in EMIG activities and workshops
  • Study hard for Step I (used as initial evaluation tool for many EM programs)
  • Consider membership in the Emergency Medicine Residents Association (EMRA)

Third Year

  • Excel in core clinical clerkships
  • Begin investigation of programs (listed on SAEM website)
  • Toward the end of the year, arrange at least 2 EM clerkships, one at UNC and one away, to hopefully be completed by September of 4th year (before residency interviews)
  • Toward the end of the year, begin working on your personal statement for residency applications
  • Consider attending SAEM (Society for Academic Emergency Medicine) annual meeting in May
  • Stay in contact with EM mentor

Fourth Year

  • Two EM rotations by September (2nd one can be in October)
  • Schedule a meeting with EM residency leadership team (Dr. Trocinski and/or Dr. Biese) sometime between May and July
  • Plan on 3 letters of recommendation from EM physicians
  • Application submitted to ERAS by last week of September at latest
  • Consider attending ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) annual meeting in October
  • Interviews are November through February
  • Match Day is in March!!!