Will my insurance cover voice therapy?

Speech pathology services can be grouped into two main categories: services concerned with diagnosis or evaluation and therapeutic services. Medicare covers speech pathology diagnostic and evaluation services if they are reasonable and medically necessary. Medicare also covers therapy for common medical disorders and resulting communication deficits which may necessitate active restorative therapy.

Coverage for speech pathology services through private insurance companies varies and is dependent upon the specifics terms of your individual policy. Authorization for the initial evaluation does not imply automatic authorization for follow-up therapy. The insurance company will review the physician’s notes and the therapist’s treatment plan prior to authorizing any follow-up therapy.

Our staff will assist you in obtaining pre-authorization for the initial diagnostic visit and for follow-up speech therapy when recommended by your physician and therapist. In the event that your insurance company denies coverage for the recommended therapy, our staff will assist you in appealing the denial. In addition, UNC Hospitals and Faculty will work with self pay patients to arrange a financial plan when there is no third party coverage for voice service.