EPIC Module 1
Setting the Stage
: Learning Environment and Goals

Before a student arrives on the scene, a clinical preceptor has important work to do.

In addition to understanding how the preceptor and student will work together, preparation involves knowing how the student will interact with other staff members, what the preceptor will want to tell the student about him or herself and the practice, and how to appropriately assess needs and set goals with the student.

The preceptor will also plan how to accommodate teaching time into his/her patient schedule. The activities in this module will guide you through these preparations.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Describe collaborative clinical education and the characteristics associated with collaborative clinical teaching

  • Develop a plan for orienting the student to the preceptorship site

  • Describe how to assess a student's learning needs and level of professional development

  • Describe the steps involved in negotiating goals and expectations with students

  • Develop a plan for patient scheduling to accommodate the student in the practice