April 1

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CPOE Update - Sliding Scale Insulin (SSI) orders will change April 3

New Isolation Sign – Enteric Precautions
McLendon Clinical Laboratories – New Call Center

How to unsubscribe from UNC Informational E-mails

Reminder: Health Sciences Library Survey

CPOE Update - Sliding Scale Insulin (SSI) orders will change April 3

1. The SSI pick list has a new display – Standard group and Non-Standard group.

2. The D50W order and Give Juice/Crackers range are being moved to the Additional Directions section and cannot be adjusted on the Standard scale (Non-standard scale does allow adjustment).

3. On the Standard scale, no longer able to change the Notify MD ranges (Non-standard scale does allow).

4. D50W order now has comment that indicates it is part of the SSI order. Also, the new frequency PQ10M indicates this is a PRN order.

5. SC is only route. Frequencies now display in single line (5TDINS, BIDINS & Q Noon no longer available)

6. In Non-Standard scales, Cap BG info automatically populates Add’l Directions in SSI and D50W orders


Quick Reference Instructions – with images – are available online.  If you have any questions or concerns, call the Help Desk at 966-5647.

New Isolation Sign - Enteric Precautions
Clinical staff will begin to see a new isolation sign on the patient care units. The new sign is Enteric Contact Precautions and is being used for patients who have active infection with C. difficile, rotavirus, or norovirus. The sign helps remind staff that soap and water hand washing must be performed instead of using an alcohol-based hand rub.  Alcohol is not effective in removing these pathogens from the hands. For more information on Enteric Contact isolation as well as management of other infectious diseases please refer to the Isolation Precautions policy on the UNC Health Care Intranet at: http://intranet.unchealthcare.org/hospitaldepartments/infection/policies/isoltion.pdf. To see a PDF of the new sign, click here.

McLendon Clinical Laboratories – New Call Center

McLendon Clinical Laboratories now directs incoming calls for Core Laboratory (919-966-2361), Microbiology (919-955-0453) and Outreach (919-966-0406) into a central call center. The call center is open Monday - Friday, from 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. After 5 p.m., all calls will revert directly to the laboratory (Core, Microbiology, Outreach). The change should be transparent to our customers and will allow for improved efficiencies and customer service with the consolidation of staffing. Questions or concerns should be directed to Martha McGee, Outreach and Call Center Supervisor, 919-966-5970, pager 216-2521.

How to unsubscribe from UNC Informational E-mail

The University sends out three kinds of mass e-mail to faculty and staff. Two types, one designated “Formal Notice,” and the other designated “Urgent,” are mandatory for all UNC faculty and staff. The third type, “Informational,” is optional. If you would like to unsubscribe from the “Informational” e-mails, please follow the instructions below.


1. Go to: http://my.unc.edu/dt

2. Sign in with your ONYEN and password (Forgot your ONYEN and/or password? Visit: https://onyen.unc.edu/cgi-bin/unc_id/services)

3. Under “Account Information” click on “Update Personal Information”

4. Under “Preference Information” and “Receive Mass Email,” choose “No”

5. Scroll to the bottom to save changes. (“Success” in green letters should appear at the top of the screen.)

Reminder: Health Sciences Library Survey

Please visit http://www.ssgresearch.com/value026 to complete a ten-minute Web-based survey. This study will help the Health Sciences Library to assess the value of its services. You can read more about the survey here.