Medical Staff Executive Committee

The MSEC is the governing body of the medical staff.

B. Anthony (Tony) Lindsey, MD, is the Chief Medical Officer for UNC Hospitals. In this role he chairs the Medical Staff Executive Committee and represents the medical staff at the Health Care System Board and in the strategic planning process. He also oversees medical staff appointments, re-appointments, awarding of clinical privileges, and peer review.

Three members of the medical serve as Associate Chiefs-of-Staff. They are David Weber, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Professor of Epidemiology, Gillings School of Global Public Health and Medical Director, Hospital Epidemiology and Occupational Health and Director, Regulatory Core, TraCS Institute; Ann G. Bailey, MD, Chair of Credentials Committee and Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics; Elizabeth B. Dreesen, MD, Trauma Medical Director and Assistant Professor of Surgery.

The Medical Staff Executive Committee consists of the Officers of the Medical Staff, the Clinical Department Chairs, the Chief Nursing Officer, the President of UNC Physicians and Associates, the Deans of the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry or their designees, the President of the Housestaff Council, and the President and Chief Operating Officer of UNC Hospitals. All members are entitled to vote. The Chief of Staff is a member and Chair of the Committee.

The officers of the medical staff are the representatives elected by the clinical faculty of the School of Medicine. Six at-large members serve staggered two-year terms.

Current at-large members:

Tim Daaleman, MD (Newly elected - term ends March 2014)
Paola Gehrig, MD (Newly elected - term ends March 2013)
Eldad Hadar, MD (Re-elected - term ends March 2014)
Michael Meyers, MD (Re-elected - term ends March 2014)
Kathleen Smith, MD (Newly elected - term ends March 2013)
Tina Willis, MD (Re-elected – term ends March 2013)

Full Medical Staff Meetings

The full medical staff meets once a year for the Annual Medical Staff Meeting. These meetings are chaired by the Chief Medical Officer. The Robert C. Cefalo Housestaff awards and Nursing Awards are given at the meeting.


More information about Medical Staff governance is below (please note, all links will take you to the UNC Hospitals Intranet):


Standing Committees

Credentials Committee - Ann Bailey, MD
Environmental Health and Safety Committee - David Weber, MD
Ethics Committee - Arlene Davis, Gary Gala
Graduate Medical Education Committee - Clark Denniston, MD
Hospital Infection Control Committee - David Weber, MD
Joint Conference Committee - Holden Thorp
Clinical Documentation Committee - Donald Spencer, MD
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee - Abhi Mehrotra, MD
Quality Council - Larry Mandelkehr
Surgical Care Review Committee - Susan Maygarden, MD
Transfusion Committee - Nigel Key, MD
Trauma Advisory Committee - Liz Dreesen, MD

Committees for Special Services and Functions –

Adult Sedation Committee - Jonathan Jones, MD
Bylaws Committee - B. Anthony Lindsey, MD
NC Cancer Hospital Executive Committee
Emergency Preparedness and Planning Committee - Dalton Sawyer
Intensive Care Unit Advisory Committee - Shannon Carson, MD
Adult Nutrition Support Committee - Mark Koruda, MD
Pediatric Sedation Committee - Tina Willis, MD
Patient Complaint Monitoring Committee - Robert E. Gwyther, MD