Association of Professional Women in Medicine (APWIMS)

The purposes of the Association for Professional Women in the Medicine are as follows:
    • to provide support for professional women in the School of Medicine;
    • to facilitate communication among women faculty, graduate and medical students;
    • to increase awareness in the School of Medicine with regard to issues that significantly impact women;
    • to promote the recruitment and retention of women in the School of Medicine;
    • to promote equality for all people at all levels in the School of Medicine;
    • to work with the administration in the accomplishment of gender equity at this institution; and
    • to promote interaction between other health affairs schools on campus.

Membership is open to all faculty holding full or part-time appointments, either tenure track or fixed term, to EPA non-faculty, and to all post-doctoral fellows and residents in the School of Medicine.

The organization meets 1-2 times per year with a variety of program offerings at each meeting. Some of the programs from past years include sessions with female department and program chairs, guest speakers from the School of Medicine and University administration, conferences on Women's Health Issues and the Ethics of Managed Care, workshops on promotion and tenure requirements, and guest speakers.