Meet Our Faculty (listed alphabetically)

Asher, Gary MD MPH, Assistant Professor
Ashkin, Evan MD, Associate Professor
Barnhouse, Kathleen MD, Associate Professor
Becker-Dreps, Sylvia MD MPH, Assistant Professor
Bossenbroek Fedoriw, Kelly MD, Assistant Professor
Buebel, Michael MD, Assistant Professor
Carlough, Martha MD MPH, Associate Professor
Carter, Wilbur Brooks Jr. MD, Assistant Professor
Chen, Wunian, Acupuncturist, Instructor
Daaleman, Timothy DO MPH, Professor, Vice Chair
Daugird, Allen MD MBA, Professor, President of UNC Physician's & Associates, President of UNC Physician Network
Denham, Amy MD MPH, Associate Professor
Denniston, Clark MD, Associate Professor, Designated Institutional Official for Graduate Medical Education
Donahue, Katrina MD MPH, Associate Professor, Director, Research Program
Fraher, Erin PhD, Assistant Professor
Goldstein, Adam MD MPH, Professor
Goldstein, Ami CNM MSN FNP, Assistant Professor
Gourlay, Margaret MD MPH, Assistant Professor
Gwynne, Mark DO, Assistant Professor, Co-Director Family Medicine Center
Gwyther, Robert MD MBA, Professor
Halladay, Jacqueline MD MPH, Associate Professor
Hannapel, Andrew MD, Assistant Professor
Hawes, Emily PharmD, Assistant Professor
Helton, Margaret MD, Professor, Associate Chair for Faculty Affairs
Hendry, Sydney MD, Clinical Instructor
Hester, Laura MD, Assistant Professor
House, Laura MD, Adjunct Professor
Kistler, Christine MD MASc MPH, Assistant Professor
Koonce, Thomas MD MPH, Associate Professor
McClester, Mallory (Jean) MD, Clinical Assistant Professor


top ranked

UNC Family Medicine has long been recognized as a leading Department of Family Medicine in the Nation.  This year we were ranked as the #2 Department of Family Medicine by the US News and World Report.  Our prestigious faculty, our relentless focus on innovation and the quality of our teaching programs have set us apart from all others.