UNC Family Medicine Mission

The mission of the Department of Family Medicine is to promote the health of the people of North Carolina and the nation through leadership and innovation in clinical practice, medical education, research and community service. As an instrument of the State of North Carolina, we are concerned with both current needs and future generations, and have a special commitment to the underserved, mothers and children, the elderly and other populations at risk in a time of rapid changes in the organization of health care.

Key elements of this mission include:

  • Provision of innovative, comprehensive, high quality and cost effective health care. We aspire for this care to be patient and family oriented, community focused, and evidence-based.
  • Development and maintenance of outstanding medical education programs for medical students, residents, fellows and practicing physicians. We aspire to excellence among faculty and learners, and for our teaching to be learner-based, centered on adult learning principles, and fully leveraging information technology.
  • Promotion of the discovery and dissemination of knowledge important to clinical practice, teaching and the improvements of the organization of health care. We aspire for our research to answer questions that matter in individual and population primary health care.
  • Working in partnership and service to individuals, community organizations and local, state and government agencies to address unmet health needs of the population. We aspire to a leadership role in improving the health of communities we serve, North Carolina, and the nation.
  • We envision and support a health care system that embodies compassion, fairness, equality, tolerance, personal responsibility, respect for individuals, and concern for and inclusion of family and community.