Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Component is designed to help each fellow achieve two specific outcomes: design and planning of educational programs and teaching skills.

Educational Program Plans will include:

  • documentation of educational problem or need
  • program context including resources and constraints and learner characteristics
  • desired outcomes for learners
  • strategies for assessing learner achievement of desired outcomes
  • program content and organization
  • instructional strategies and media

Teaching skills will include:

  • Outpatient clinical consulting
  • Large group instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • Evaluation and feedback
  • Challenging situations in teaching

A sample class schedule is below:

June Opening SessionSeptember SessionMarch SessionJune Closing Session
• Introduction to Teaching & Learning
• A Framework for Educational Program Planning
• Preview of Completed EPP Projects
• Large Group Teaching
• Teaching & Learning Book Club
• Refining Smart Outcomes & Assessment of Learners

• EPP III Assessment, Strategies, Content
• Optional Session: Teaching & Learning Book club
• Large Group Teaching Symposium
• Outpatient Clinical Precepting I
• Small Group Teaching

• Outpatient Clinical Precepting II: Video Review and EPP
• Educational Program Plan Symposium
• Giving Feedback
• Milestones/ Inpatient Teaching
  • Difficult Situations in Learning
  • Teaching & Learning Review & Closure