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About UNC Othropaedics

In collaboration with the UNC Health Care System, UNC Orthopaedics is committed to providing the highest quality comprehensive musculoskeletal care to all patients.  They lead in research that translates into revolutionary treatment, and serve the community through education and care related to wellness and fitness. By cultivating and producing the nation’s leading orthopaedists, integrating research into daily practice, and working collaboratively with members of the practice and community, UNC Orthopaedics raises the bar for musculoskeletal care.

Fellow's Role

The fellow will have block learning rotations while at this location.  The fellow will rotate through the following in scheduled blocks:

            • Hand (Dr. Donald Bynum)
            • Foot and Ankle (Dr. Robert Ostrum)
            • Knee (Drs. Jeffrey Spang & Alexander Creighton)
            • Knee, Shoulder & Elbow (Drs. Timothy Taft & Ganesh Kamath)
            • Spine (Dr. Moe Lim)
            • Hip (Dr. Laurence Dahner)
            • MSK Radiology (Dr. Jordan Renner)
            • General Othropaedics (Dr. Kevin Logel)