Career Advisors for the Class of 2017

You should plan on at least FOUR meetings with your career advisor:  (1) in April to review fourth year electives and materials you prepare for your deans letter; (2) in July/August to discuss residency programs, personal statements, and letters of recommendation; (3) in September to finalize residency program selection; (4) in December/January to review ranking of programs for your Match list.

The following Family Medicine faculty members will serve as career advisors for your class. Phone your advisor's secretary to make appointments.

Dr. Kelly Bossenbroek:  Reid Johnson (919-966-3106) (e-mail: or

Dr. Narges Farahi:  contact direct by e-mail:

Dr. Robert Gwyther:  schedule appointments on the advisors scheduler or contact Linda Allred (e-mail: or )

Dr. Tommy Koonce:  Alyssa Zamierowski (919-966-2415) (e-mail: or 

Dr. Anne Mounsey:  Reid Johnson (919-966-3106) (e-mail: or

Dr. Beat Steiner:  Linda Allred (e-mail: or )

Asheville Program students should contact Dr. Robyn Latessa at

Charlotte Program students should contact Dr. Trisha White at or Dr. Michele Birch at