Timeline for Residency Selection Activities

I.  Timeline for Residency Selection Activities

January-April of your third year

  • Attend Class meeting
  • Seriously considering family medicine? Schedule an initial meeting with Lisa Slatt, Director of Career Advising, phone 919-966-3912 (lisa_slatt@med.unc.edu .  She will review the residency interview process in light of your personal needs and issues; discuss the Kansas City meeting and assign you an MD advisor based on your needs and interests.  Please bring and/or have thought about the following:
    • CV (please email this to Lisa)
    • know your grades and Step 1 score
    • have in mind 3 faculty who might write letters of recommendation
    • decide when to schedule Step 2 CK & CS  
  •  Attend Advising dinner on Fri., April 1, 2016 with 4th year students who matched in Family Medicine. They will share their experiences and we will also have a panel of residency directors discussing what they look for in candidates.  Your spouse or significant other is also welcome to attend the dinner.
  • Make appointments for your Medical Student Performance Evaluation with Ashley Olsson, Staff Writer in Student Affairs.  Turn in your CV to Ashley Olsson if you haven’t already done so and schedule a meeting with her to review a draft of your Medical Student Performance Evaluation.
  • Meet with your assigned MD advisorto:
    • Review electives and have advisor sign off on forms, forms are due in March, 2016.
    • Consider whether an “audition” elective in a certain geographic area is needed/desired.
    • Decide your interview months (students usually interview in December and January).
    • Discuss the type of residency program you are considering
  • Kansas City Meeting:  The National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students (Kansas City Meeting) will be held on July 28-30, 2016, Kansas City, MO.  Please contact Reid Johnson at 966-3106 if you plan to attend.  The department has limited resources to support students.

May – July of your third year

  • Review web resources on cover page of this handout
  • Begin working on your Personal Statement
  • NC Family Medicine Day Residency Recruitment Conference:  Date TBA. Lisa will send out more information closer to time



  • Attend the Kansas City meeting (Jul. 28-30, 2016). Contact Lisa for more information. Some financial support is available to support travel.
  • Meet (1-3 times) with your advisor, as needed, to review your Personal Statement.
  • If applying to west coast program or in Colorado, these programs have a limited number of interview slots.  Candidates are selected for interviews on a first come, first served basis, after their applications are screened.  Get your application and letters of recommendation into these programs AS SOON AS YOU CAN to ensure that you will be interviewed.  Observe the September 15th earliest submission date to turn in your materials as the interview slots might all be taken soon after.
  • Letters of recommendation:  Contact these individuals and confirm timeline with them.  Supply ERAS forms to those faculty who will write letters.


  • ERAS:  Begin filling out this application

August – October

  • Consider doing a practice interview with your advisor before hitting the interview trail.
  • Consider doing an early interview with the UNC Family Medicine Program, which has agreed to offer an interview to any UNC student interested in Family Medicine.
  • Schedule interviews.  Do not schedule your most desired program first.  Rather, schedule one or two interviews to become familiar with the process
  •  Letters of Recommendation:  following up with those who have not sent them in! Make sure that programs have received the letters, too. 
  • Meet with advisor to review your list of programs to be interviewed

September 1

  • Submit completed application materials to ERAS.

September 15

  • Submit ERAS applications to residency programs.

October 1, 2016   

  • Dean's Letters mailed

October, 2016- January, 2017  

  • Interview with programs.   

January, 2017

  • Contact advisor to discuss program rankings

February, 2017

  • Turn in Rank List to Dean's Office

March 13, 2017   

  • If you have not matched, you will be notified by e-mail by ERAS on Monday of Match Week.  They will also contact the Dean's Office.  Don't panic.  Contact Dr. Dent, your advisor and Dr. Beat Steiner, and they will work with you to identify unfilled family medicine residency programs.   Unmatched students will be able to submit supplementary applications for unfilled programs in a process that begins on Wednesday, March 15th.

March 17, 2017 (Tentative)

  • Match Day

April, 2017

  • Participate in Advising Dinner for students from the Class of 2018 who are interested in Family Medicine.