Writing Personal Statements

Writing Personal Statements:

  • Emphasize what makes you “tick”. Don’t just repeat information from your CV
  • Importance of the humble brag: mention key strengths that you can bring to a program, tie into lessons learned from prior experiences.
  • Don’t use the Personal Statement to list all of your important accomplishments or offices you have held.  Use the CV portion of ERAS to do that.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to Family Medicine is important but it has to ring true. Hyperboles can be a red flag.
  • Quotes may be OK but have to be relevant and personal. Don’t include just to grab attention.
  • Address any weaknesses in a concise way. Don’t start the statement or finish it with them, or dwell excessively on them. Focus on lessons learned and how you are moving on.
  • Explain any significant gap in your CV