Medical Student Education

UNC Department of Family Medicine Medical Student Education Faculty:

Beat Steiner, MD, MPH - Professor. Assistant Dean for Medical Education. FIRST Associate Director.

Kelly Bossenbroek Fedoriw, MD Assistant Professor. Director of Family Medical Student Programs. Co-Director, FIRST. Co-Director, Community Based Longitudinal Care course. FMIG Director.

Lisa Slatt, MEd - Associate Director of Family Medical Student Programs. Director of Career Advising.

Tommy Koonce, MD, MPH - Assistant Professor. FMIG Director.

Sue Slatkoff, MD - Associate Professor. Director, Healer's Art Course.

Amy Denham, MD, MPH - Assistant Professor.

Robert Gwyther, MD, MBA - Professor.

Anne Mounsey, MD - Professor.

UNC Department of Family Medicine Medical Student Education Administrative Staff:

Reid Johnson - Medical Student Coordinator: FIRST Program, Advanced Practice Selective, Community Based Longitudinal Care course (PHS Site), Acting Internship, Family Medicine Career Advisees, Primary Care & Population Health Scholars Program, FMIG, Work Study Supervisor. Supports Anne Mounsey, Kelly Bossenbroek Fedoriw, Martha Carlough, Alex Kaysin, Jen Martini, Lisa Slatt.

- Temporary Medical Student Coordinator: Learners in Family Medicine Center. Support for Beat Steiner, Robert Gwyther, Adam Goldstein.

Patty Neff - Project Coordinator: CAMPOS Program, FMIG, Healers Art course, Recycling Coordinator. Support for Evan Ashkin, Margaret Gourlay, Narges Farahi, Amy Denham, Andy Hannapel, Brian Rayala, Sue Slatkoff.