JW_(Sarahs fiance)_and_Kenny.JPG

Sarah's fiancé, JW, & Kenny


Donna & hubby hangin' with the director


 Christine and husband share a beer with Vinay.


We can't wait to do the ropes course!



Now this is what I call teamwork.

No, your other left.JPG

Your other left foot.


Honest! I'm not going to touch you!

 Dance, dance.JPG

Dance! Dance!


These salsa rhythms can be tough!


And the point of this would be?


We need to feed Shelob.


She's still hungry.


You think this is enough?

 Its Miller Time.JPG

It's Miller time...


Now, THIS is what it's really all about!


Smiling faces at breakfast?

 Mommy, where is his hair.JPG

Mommy, where is his hair?


'Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me' FM style.



 Sing It child.JPG

Sing it child!


The Intern Chorus Line

 Poor, all my life Ive always been poor.JPG

Poor, all my life I've always been poor.

 Down at Wake Med.JPG

Down at Wake Med...


Who says we don't have soul?

  Mark and Whitney Houston.JPG

Whitney Houston makes an appearance in an all-star cast.

 Angina.. Boys dont have those.JPG

The Resident exclaimed,"Angina! Boys don't have those!"


And the seniors do their bit too.



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