All Family Medicine Center Providers

Lam, Yee MD, Resident Physician
Gwynne, Mark DO, Assistant Professor, Co-Director Family Medicine Center
McClester, Mallory (Jean) MD, Resident Physician
McEachern, Morgan MD, Resident Physician
Monaco, Julie MD, Assistant Professor
Mounsey, Anne MD, Clinical Professor
Neumann, Iliana MD, Assistant Professor
Neutze, Dana MD, Assistant Professor
Newton, Kimberly MD, MPH Resident Physician
Newton, Warren MD MPH, William B. Aycock Distinguished Professor and Chair, Vice Dean for Education
Nickolich, Sarah E. MD, Resident Physician
Oettinger, Matthew MD, Resident Physician
Page, Cristen MD MPH, Associate Professor, Director of Residency Program
Pathman, Donald MD MPH, Professor, Director of Research
Porras, Lauren MD, Sports Medicine Fellow
Rayala, Brian MD, Assistant Professor
Reddy, Vinay MD MPH, Assistant Professor
Rietz, Ashley MD, Resident Physician
Roberts, Caroline MD, Resident Physician
Roque, Jodi MD, Clinical Instructor
Slatkoff, Susan MD, Associate Professor, Associate Medical Director
Sonis, Jeffrey, MD MPH, Associate Professor
Spencer, Donald MD MBA, Professor, Vice President and Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Stafford, Harry MD, Assistant Professor, Director of Sports Medicine Fellowship Program
Thomas, Claire W MD, Resident Physician
Tong, Gretchen PharmD, Instructor
Viera, Anthony MD MPH, Associate Professor
Waters, Jessica S. MD, Resident Physician
Wehby Jr., Joseph S. MD, Resident Physician
Weir, Samuel MD, Associate Professor, Director of Fellowship Programs, Co-Director, Family Medicine Center
Experts in Primary Care

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