Interesting Facts About Acupuncture

  • Today’s acupuncture needles are extremely fine in diameter (about the thickness of two human hairs), pre-packaged, sterile, and disposable. There is no case of infection or contamination.
  • Acupuncture was originally used as a preventative medical procedure to keep people well.
  • Acupuncture gained attention in U.S. after President Nixon’s visit to China in 1972 when an accompanying reporter experienced impressive post-operative pain relief after undergoing an emergency appendectomy and wrote about the benefits of acupuncture upon his return to U.S.
  • World Health Organization endorses acupuncture for at least two dozen conditions and the US National Institutes of Health issued a consensus statement proposing acupuncture as a therapeutic intervention for complementary medicine.
  • For a comprehensive list of specific diseases, symptoms or conditions, please click here.