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Please sign up for My UNC Chart - a secure, online service with more features and more ways to stay connected.  My UNC Chart has replaced our former service. My UNC Chart allows you to see your lab results, access your medical records and schedule appointments, 

There are two steps to create an account.  First, request an activation code.  You will receive a secure email with your activation code.  You will use this code to create your My UNC Chart account.

All health records (My Medical Record) will be reviewed and activated during your next office visit.  Your health information comes directly from your medical record. If you wish to add any information prior to your visit, please follow these directions:

  1. Sign into My UNC Chart.
  2. From the left menu select "My Medical Record".
  3. Click the section you wish to modify (Current Health Issues, Medications, or Allergies).
  4. To remove: Find the erroneous item and click on its remove button.
  5. To add: Click the add  button at the bottom right of the list.

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Please note:  If you have an emergency, dial 911.  If you need an appointment today, please call us at 984-974-0210