Family Medicine Center News

Flavors influence appeal and use of most tobacco products, especially for youth
UNC researchers led by Dr. Adam Goldstein concluded in a study published in Tobacco Control that banning non-menthol flavors like fruit and candy could reduce use of most tobacco products across the globe, especially among adolescents.
High blood pressure? Not me.
High blood pressure is a serious health risk that opens people up to heart attacks and heart disease, strokes, diabetes and other illnesses, but is medication the answer? If you’re among the one in three people with hypertension, it’s important to treat it. But how do you know for sure?
Living Healthy Open House illustrates the power of peer support
UNC Family Medicine hosted a Living Healthy Open House for more than 40 alumni of the program! The event was a time of celebration and learning for people in our community who live with chronic disease as well as their caregivers. During the event held last month, Gloria Gilchrist and Gerardo Vazquez Morales, who attended Family Medicine’s Living Healthy classes, shared their stories.  Building support through community is key to living healthy.
Mindfulness classes now offered at the Family Medicine Center
UNC Family Medicine is now offering Living Life Well, a free 6-week class for individuals who are interested in learning mindfulness strategies to promote overall health and wellbeing.
UNC Family Medicine Center offers Sports Injury Clinic this fall
Beginning August 20, the UNC Family Medicine Center will again offer a fall walk-in sports injury clinic for local high school and college athletes as well as weekend warriors. The walk-in clinic is on Saturday mornings from 8:00am – 10:00am. All services are provided by Board-Certified Sports Medicine Specialists and include everything from xray and ultrasound to casting and concussion care.