Patient Testimonial: Khadijah B. Louis Lee

 My name is Khadijah B. Louis Lee, and I am a satisfied patient-- and starting to become a healthier patient – of Dr. Dana Neutze.  She has been my doctor for three year or more.  Besides being a professional doctor, she is also very motivated and kindhearted, caring and thoughtful and sincere and understanding with me as her patient. She is also a good listener.

She offers advice and suggestions, which has been extremely helpful to me mentally and physically.  My spiritual outlook is more positive which has a tremendous effect on my overall state of mind including my blood pressure and cholesterol.  I would highly recommend her as the "Doctor of the Year."   

I am sure her other patients would agree 100% with my assessment of Dr. Neutze.  She has also has a warm and charming smile which makes you feel comfortable and relax being in her company.

May she continue to be my doctor as I am very pleased with her overall charm and sincere enthusiasm that is shown in her demeanor.

I want to acknowledge all the staff at the medical center, including the receptionists.  Everyone who works in the building is very professional, polite, courteous, loving and makes one feel at home.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion.

Respectful and Sincerely,

Khadijah B. Louis Lee