About Preventive Medicine

Specialists in preventive medicine pursue a variety of career opportunities.  These include work within federal, state and local public health agencies, academic positions in schools of public health and medicine, leadership roles in healthcare settings, or careers in other settings where population health and public health skills are required.

Changes in the healthcare environment have created many challenges, which physicians trained in preventive medicine are well equipped to address.  Training provides the knowledge and skills to study and find solutions to issues such as improving health outcomes for clinical populations and addressing the growing health disparities among different population groups in the US.  It also encompasses understanding the role of policy to improve the health of populations, and identifying more comprehensive ways to serve the underserved in our midst.  We are a community of physicians with expertise in both clinical medicine and public health.

The UNC Preventive Medicine Residency trains physicians to lead practice and research in public health and clinical population health in communities and other defined populations.  The UNC Preventive Medicine Residency has existed for more than 40 years and is headquartered in the Department of Family Medicine in the School of Medicine.  UNC Hospitals is the sponsor of the Residency and directly supports the program by funding three resident positions per year.  The School of Public Health is an active partner of the program.