Ledger Codes

General Ledger:

0-XXXXX – General Ledger
1-XXXXX – Impress funds, Tuition fees

Subsidiary Ledger:

2-XXXX – State funds
3-14XXX – Clinical funds
3-17XXX – Recharge account
3-4XXXX or 3-6XXXX – Overhead funds (also referred to as F&A funds)
3-8XXXX – State funded receipt recorded account
4-XXXXX – Industry sponsored research
5-XXXXX – Contracts & Grants (federally sponsored research, state contracts, foundations)
6-XXXXX – Trust funds
7-XXXXX – Endowments
8-XXXXX – Capital accounts/Plant funds
9-XXXXX – Agencies (an affiliated organization with a 501C designation, the Medical Foundation, for example)