Nancy Fisher, Ph.D., Director
Core administration
(919) 966-7812

Sebastien Coquery, M.S., CCy*, Technology Manager
Core technical management and billing. Oversees ImageStreamX and Attune NxT training.

Janet Dow, M.S., CCy*, Research Specialist
Oversees LSR II/LSRFortessa and iQue Screener PLUS training. Primary operator of the MoFlo sorter.
(919) 966-1530

Evan Trudeau, M.S., CCy*, Research Specialist
Oversees FACSAria III training. Primary operator of the FACSAria II (BSL2) sorter.
(919) 966-1530

Felicia Heyward, B.S., CCy* Research Specialist
Oversees CyAn training. Primary operator of the MoFlo XDP sorter.
(919) 966-1530

Theresa Duffy, B.S., Accounting Technician II
(919) 966-3910

* Note: 'CCy' denotes Certified Cytometrist by the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC).