Instructions for Scheduling Instruments

All calendars will move to iLab as of July 1, 2014

Sorters - MoFlo, MoFlo XDP, FACSAria II

The sorters may only be scheduled by appointment with Facility staff. Please contact the staff member primarily responsible for the sorter on which you want to sort.

You are required to complete and email a "Sort Request Form" and if you have biohazardous samples, a "Biosafety Form".


Analyzers - FACSCalibur, CyAn, LSR II, Analysis Computer

Once trained, Investigators may schedule their own time for the aforementioned instruments.
Use Your Flow Cytometry-assigned Login and Password

For appointments that require Flow Facility staff participation please ONLY schedule time AFTER making an appointment with us.

To schedule Time:

1. Set up an account with iLab:  


Register for an iLab Account:


1. Complete the iLab Account Sign-up Form:


To register, you will enter:


  • Your contact information
  • PI name
  • PI email
  • Billing address
  • Department accounting tech name
  • Department accounting tech phone number
  • Department accounting tech email address 

2. in iLab, select "Reservations' Tab

3. Select the instrument you wish to reserve and drag your cursor over the available time that you wish to reserve. 


1. Refer to the Service Request Help Manual for additional guidance.


2. Refer to the Scheduling Help Manual for additional equipment scheduling guidance.


Technical Support:


If you have any questions or comments, please use the 'leave iLab feedback' link in the upper right corner


once you are logged in. Alternatively, you can email the iLab Support Team at

Scheduling Manual

Core Users Manual for iLab Solutions

Also if you are scheduling the FACSCalibur you must submit a "Biosafety Form":   


Editing Rules: 

  • Outside of the lockout period you may make any edit you wish including deleting.
  • During the lockout period you may not delete or shorten your appointment. 
  • During the lockout period you may edit your start time (earlier or later) but you are not allowed to move the start time off of the lockout period nor off of the originally scheduled day (the end time may extend past the lockout period or the end time may extend into the next day - i.e. past midnight).
  • During the lockout period you may extend your time unless the appointment time has already commenced in which case you must make a new additional appointment to extend your time.
  • During the lockout period the software will prevent you from deleting or shortening your scheduled appointment - to do so you must contact Facility staff.
  • If you finish an appointment early please let the Facility staff know so we may make the time available to others.
  • For the FACSCalibur, we are waiving the Cancellation Penalty if you must cancel your time within the 36-hour lock out period. This is to encourage users to schedule experiments with some uncertainty on these instruments. If you must cancel, please contact the facility at 6-1530 to notify us that your experiment was cancelled. This has been put in place to accommodate investigators with clinical patients that may not show up or cancel their appointments.

Self-made appointments on analytical cytometers 

  • The scheduling software locks you out from deleting/reducing your scheduled time 36 hours before your appointment.

  • You may add, extend, move (within the same 36 hours)

  • If you find you cannot make a scheduled appointment (after the lockout) you will be charged for all of your scheduled time.

  • In all cases, if you are able, call us to let us know. We often have people waiting for time and if someone else uses your scheduled time (new appointments only - not just convenience shifts) you will not be charged for the time they use. If you have an allowed excuse (you are sick, kid is sick, etc.) we will waive your charges.

  • If you do not call before your scheduled time we will charge you unless you have an excuse that prevented you from calling. Reasons which will not excuse your time are - cells died, Ab/reagent did not arrive in time, my alarm clock did not go off, I forgot, etc. If you repeatedly make appointments and do not use the time, we will have a conversation with your billing PI.

  • If you use the machine without scheduling on-line you will be billed a $10.00 surcharge (recorded by the computer) for our time to extract your info from the computer and enter it in the calendar for our archive records required for auditing purposes.
  • Also if you are on the machine without an appointment entered in the on-line/web calendar and another user books on-line all or part of the time you planned to use you MUST leave the machine when that user arrives.
  • To make changes that require modifying someone else's scheduled time (e.g. when someone finishes early) you must contact Facility staff to update the schedule. Failing to do so may mean you are using the machine without an appointment and subject to the rules listed above.


Edit User Info:

Users can edit some of their user information for the calendars. To do so, click on your username shown in blue on the left side margin outside of the actual calendar.
The "Edit User" dialog opens. You may edit any field value except your user name. The name, email address, phone number (where you are most reachable), account number (see below), and Principal Investigator (i.e who is usually paying the bill) are required fields to be completed and you cannot schedule an appointment without completing this information. Your account number should be updated as it changes. You may also edit this information in the "Add Event" and "Event Review" dialogs.