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Acquisition Information
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Publication Acknowledgements
Cell Filtration Options
Propidium Iodide Staining
Antibody Titration
Rainbow Calibration Particles
Flow Cytometry - A Basic Overview
Sorting Theory
Practical Cell Sorting
Practical Issues in High-Speed Cell Sorting
Lasers for Flow Cytometry
Isolation of Total RNA from Transgenic Mouse Melanoma Subsets Using Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting
DNAse to Prevent Cell Clumping
Live-Dead Cell Discrimination
RNA Extraction From Sorted Cells
eBioscience PrimeFlow Brochure
eBioscience PrimeFlow White Paper
How to select a Chartfield String in iLab
iLab CFS Selection
Biexponential Data Spread
Guide to Rigor and Reproducibility for Flow Cytometry Experiments
You may use this as a template for wording in your grants and publications to address Rigor and Reproducibility for your Flow Cytometry Experiments run in the UNC Flow Cytometry Core Facility.
Antigen Density of B-Cell Markers
Expression of Common Surface Molecules on Blood Cells
Antibody Validation: Standards, Policies and Practices 2016 report
Asilomar Workshop Report September 2016
Antibody Validation and Reproducibility resources
Funding Opportunities
UNC School of Medicine Boost Awards
Fluidigm Helios CyTOF Resources
Spread Resolution Impact Matrix
From BD - This is based on the LSRFortessa X20 configuration which is a little different from our core instruments, but the concepts remain.