Session #2: Population Management and Registries


Session #2 will introduce students to concepts of population health improvement and to the use of a practice registry. This session will require students to prepare in advance with readings and powerpoint/video provided on line (see below).

Campuses may vary in when individual sessions are covered. Since preparation is crucial for all sessions, students should check their individual AHEC clerkship session schedule!

Preparation in advance of session:


At the end of Session #2 students will be able to:

  • Define core terms used in population health management
  • Describe new models of care to manage health of populations
  • Use registries to explore characteristics of patient populations
  • Plan interventions to improve health of populations using data from registries, new models of care, and local resources

What is due for Session #2? Review the above preparation materials to be ready for a short quiz at the beginning of the session.