Focus on Clinical Skills Workshop During Orientation

The unifying theme of the symposium is skills building.  The workshop always includes 3-4 different skills which may vary across the rotation blocks.


Objectives: by the end of the afternoon, students will be able to:

1. identify basic landmarks and complete an exam of the shoulder and knee.

2. inject the subacromial bursa, the AC joint and the knee on a model

3. instruct a patient on the proper use of an inhaled medication

4. self inject a small amount of saline SQ and demonstrate correct IM injection on a model.

5. list the variety of outpatient procedures that are possible in Family Medicine.


The sessions will occur in small groups and involve a lot of hands on practice. Please come dressed comfortably so you can examine each other.


The MSK Handout FCS is a good resource for the sessions. It is also a useful resource to be used for the remainder of the rotation and beyond.