Getting feedback is a key part of learning and the Family Medicine Clerkship is committed to making sure you get appropriate feedback.

We hope that you will get ongoing feedback throughout the rotation but want to assure that formal mid-rotation feedback happens for all students. Each student will meet with their campus director or another AHEC faculty midway through the rotation to discuss progress on the rotation and optimize the learning experience for students. Please approach the campus clerkship director if you have not been scheduled for a mid-rotation feedback session.

Required student preparation for the mid-rotation feedback session:

1) Bring completed mid-rotation self evaluation form

2) Bring print out of One45 procedure log completed to date. Try to add entries daily so that the log is reflective of your clinical experience

3) Your preceptor will complete a form that looks similar to the final preceptor evaluation form on one45 and will discuss it with you. This evaluation will hopefully give you suggestions on how to improve further.